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At Opus School for Arts & Academics, we champion an innovative and individualized approach to education. We seek to develop self-directed, autonomous problem-solvers who are skilled in collaboration, critical thinking, and communication. Helping students to become college-ready is simply one facet of a thoughtful education. In addition to developing the kinds of skills that will allow them to effectively access the college experience, we must have the broader focus of preparing them for a meaningful life in a complex and evolving world. With these goals in mind, we consistently pursue a relevant, engaging, and challenging approach to thinking and learning, where shifting students from consumers to producers is an essential component of the educational experience.


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The assumptions of an industrial-age-model of schooling are no longer sufficient for children to thrive in the 21st Century. Because information is ubiquitous and in constant flux, we have to move beyond teachers as mere transmitters of content. Our educators become curators of experiences; guides and coaches who help students explore, observe, and reflect. While we embrace the need to teach foundational solids, we must also help to develop the critical thinking skills necessary to be empathetic citizens, interested in noticing problems and designing solutions.

To that end, we merge the best classroom practices and proven methods with educational theory and developments in learning science. Metacognition, or “thinking about thinking,” helps students use their knowledge, skills, and abilities to embrace their curiosity in service of deeper learning. Students are both challenged and encouraged to explore, innovate, and create.

Opus School for Arts & Academics is designed for high achievers or students feeling disillusioned, for those with burning passions, as well as those with diverse learning modalities. Our school is for all families in search of an experience that is rigorous while being student-centered, engaging, project-based, relevant, future-focused, and interdisciplinary.