The Opus Vision

Creativity & Production

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Developing our students’ creative and inventive talents and interests is an active, vital part of our curriculum and community.  Our programs will include literature and film studies, music and recording arts, and computer and animation arts.


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Our rigorous, interdisciplinary curriculum combined with our flexible scheduling offers students the opportunity for in-depth study of a talent area. Students will be able to “concentrate” in a specific academic, athletic, computer/math or artistic domain.

Passion Projects Portfolio

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In coordination with our teachers, each student designs several “Passion Projects,” based on his or her individual area of interest.  Our educators provide support and resources to help students realize their full potential.

Find Your Path (FYP)

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Our life skills program is designed to help students manage and live a better quality of life.  Through character building and self-advocacy, students will develop intrinsic motivations to sustain passion, creativity, and efforts. Students will nurture positive peer friendships, learn how to deal with adversity when it arises, and understand the importance of being a critical thinker and a self-directed learner.

Capstone Experience

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Students learn to explore intellectual inquiry, understand context, and articulate information in unique ways. This independent work with, guidance from teachers and advisors, may explore topics from every discipline -Science, Literature, History, Philosophy, Technology. A key aspect of topic selection lies in encouraging students to extend themselves academically and artistically.

College Readiness​

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In addition to SAT prep, we offer a full complement of college-preparatory classes in English, History, Mathematics, Sciences and Foreign Language, with an emphasis on engaging rhetoric and composition. Our Common Core standards, project-based approach creates opportunities for students to gain insights and understanding of the ideas, discoveries, and movements that have shaped our world. Our programs meet or exceed all UC A through G requirements.

Small Learning Communities​

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With an average of 8 students in each classroom, OPUS is committed to exemplary teaching targeted to the unique strengths, needs, and passions of our students through individually tailored and designed programs. Our credentialed teachers offer better instruction and more individualized attention.

Flexible Scheduling

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Students can customize their schedules, allowing them to attend school as they pursue their goal-oriented passions beyond the classroom.